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Contact info.
Stevi's Secrets
556 N. Eastern D-196
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Absolutely no refunds, exchanges or trades. If an order is damaged, faulty or incorrect, simply return it for a replacement.

Order Shipping & Packaging.
Orders are normally shipped within 10 business days, however delays can occur due to product availability, holidays, or Stevi's personal schedule (Stevi Secret fills all of your orders personally).
Priority Shipping is defined as US Priority Mail. Purchasing Priority Shipping (for United States delivery) does not guarantee faster shipping, it is only the mail service used to ship your order.
Your orders are sent securely packaged, the company name will not appear, nor will the words "sexually oriented material". Only the return address and the initials SS will appear on the outside of your package. If you are located outside of the United States, the package will be properly labeled for the contents of your package (i.e. DVD, magazine, etc.), the value marked will be equal to the replacement cost, not your purchase price.

Credit Card Ordering.
When ordering by phone, email or regular mail, my company name should appear as "S. S. Photo" on your credit card statements.

Email & Regular Mailing Lists*.
Stevi will automatically add your email & mailing address to her Mailing Lists if...
1. You send Stevi any email message or letter.
2. You order on-line, by phone, by mail or any other way... including any Credit Card Processors used by SteviSecret.com or Stevi's Secrets.
3. You join Club Stevi.
4. You join Stevi's Email or Regular Mailing Lists.
If you do NOT wish to be on Stevi's Email or Regular Mailing Lists, simply contact Stevi with the address you wish removed and ask her to remove you.
*The Stevi's Secrets Online Store NEWSLETTER is a separate email list. To be removed, simply change the settings in your Store account.

Email from Stevi.
I reply to ALL e-mail regarding accounts and orders. Here are some reasons why you may not have received an email reply from me:
1. Did you give me enough time? I do not spend all of my time on my computer... therefore it may be up to a week at times before you receive a reply, though normally I reply within a day or two.
2. Your e-mail address was invalid. Try again, if you still do not receive a reply, check the return e-mail address in your mail program it may be wrong! I also recommend that you include your email address in all your emails.
3. Your email was insulting, or total nonsense!

Downloading images.
Choose the image you would like to download and click on it with your right mouse button, a window will prompt you to "save as." Then choose the directory where you want the image saved.

Updating Club Stevi and SteviSecret.com.
I plan to update Club Stevi and SteviSecret.com as often as I can, but do not have a regular schedule of updates.

Club Stevi refunds.
I will not refund your membership to Club Stevi for any reason, once you submit a sign up form you will receive a membership and be charged accordingly. If you try to cancel even 10 minutes after you sign up, you will not receive a refund, nor will you be cancelled! Your credit card will still be charged the full membership fee. and you will retain the membership you paid for. However you can request that your membership not be automatically renewed, info on this can be found inside Club Stevi.

Club Stevi access.
If you are having trouble accessing Club Stevi here are some possible reasons:
You may have entered your username and password incorrectly.
Your membership has expired and you requested that your membership not be automatically renewed.
Your credit card was declined when your membership renewal came due, because your credit card has either expired or you moved and did not update your billing records for Club Stevi.
Your account was cancelled for unauthorized use of a credit card or similar reasons.
Server may be down, keep trying!