Stevi Secret

Stevi has had many looks throughout her career; original short red hair, shoulder length red hair, brunette, crewcut, bald, long curly hair and bleached blonde hair. She has also done a large variety of fetish, tease and XXX videos/photos including; pantyhose, blowjobs, pies, tease, girl-girl sex, stockings, foot licking, shaving, tickling, boy-girl sex, up-the-skirt, masturbation, head shaving, messy, smoking, spreads, spanking and much much more. Stevi's favorite videos are customs!
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A little about Stevi
Stevi was born on June 30, 1969. She is 5' 5 1/2" tall, weighs approximately 160 lbs. and her measurements are 34B-26-38. Now for some other interesting info!
Stevi Secret began as an average girl next door, she had done work as a waitress, a maid and even a dishwasher. She loved to dream of rich, handsome men in romantic situations and had absolutely no interest in women or fetishes. The thought of being in an adult film or stripping for a photographer never crossed her narrow little mind.
That is, until she took a short trip to Los Angeles with a male friend. Stevi and her date were doing the normal LA tourism rounds, when an advertisement for couples caught their attention. Stevi was feeling a bit daring, so the two arranged for an appointment. Much to the surprise of her friend, (and Stevi), the couple made their first adult video!
From then on there was no stopping her. Stevi made several more trips to LA for videos and photo sessions, she learned there was alot more to sex than just lying down and spreading her legs! Stevi found that oral sex could be enjoyable to both parties, that different positions made sex not only more interesting, but also more erotic, and most importantly Stevi learned that men were absolutely correct, sex with women is really hot!
But, Stevi was not satisfied with working for other people, she wanted to do things her own way. Stevi went back home to Las Vegas and set up her own adult video business, complete with a personal cameraman. When her ads hit the stands, she began receiving letters from all over the country (the world, actually), she was thrilled with the response.
But, it seemed as though Stevi wasn't fulfilling the needs of everyone with her XXX videos... Many letters requested other activities, ranging from tickling, to foot licking, to messy, to tease, to nylons, to... well, the list just went on, and is still growing. So, she began to add many of these suggested activities to her video line, in fact Stevi still adds new types of videos to her collection today. So, don't ever be afraid to tell Stevi Secret what you would like to see next!
Stevi has also done a bit of feature entertaining over the years. She enjoyed the experience so much, she opened a nude club of her own (Stevi Secret' Nude Cabaret 3420 S. Central, Phoenix AZ) and designed it using what she learned in other clubs around the country. Stevi Secret's Nude Cabaret presents adult celebrities of all kinds (pornstars, web models, magazine models swingers etc.) and is very proud to have the friendliest house dancers she can find!
Just some odd little bits that you might want to know about Stevi Secret...
Stevi loves roses, collects stuffed animals, made many of her own costumes & outfits, reads numerous books on many different subjects and enjoys watching CNN, Lifetime & old movies!
Stevi wears size 8 1/2B shoes, size 5-6 panties and size B tall pantyhose and stockings.
Like all females, Stevi enjoys dressing up, but she doesn't go in much for jewelry or heavy make-up.

A little history lesson of the many looks of Stevi Secret!

1991 to 1993
1993 to 1996
1993 to 1997
1997 to 2000

2000 to 2007

2007 to 2008

2008 to ????

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